You know that healthy, regular meals are key to achieving your health or fitness goals.


But damn you’re busy… And you hate eating fatty food in a rush.


You want great tasting food, but you’re no Jamie Oliver…




You’re about to discover how to slash cooking time,

prep amazing meals, and avoid bad food decisions… forever! stands for just that – sharing easy, simple ideas to create lasting, positive habits to improve your life.

It is 100% true that by meal prepping you’re going cut down time in the kitchen, you’re going to make less impulsive, last minute decisions about your meals, and you will gain control over your food intake.

And prepping meals for days or even a week does not have to be complicated!  You have seen those meal prep pics or YouTube videos showing a HUGE number of meals, and you’ve probably thought “I could never do that!”

But by making meal prep easy, you will gradually build up your skills to prep one meal at a time, then two, and on from there. is here to help YOU.

I use the same secrets that we’ll share, the same hints and tips that you’ll learn, and the same skills you will develop – they are tried and tested, refined and improved – and they continue to help me every day.

And now they can help make a positive impact in your life as well.

For You, We Created…


Meal Prep The Easy Way – a step-by-step guide that guarantees to save you hours in the kitchen each week, to have you eating amazingly well and feeling fantastic!

Arm yourself with the right skills, the right tools, and a collection of top recipes, and you will have the power to control your food habits and not be a slave to the kitchen.



  • Simple, practical & delicious recipes, each prepped in 30 minutes or less
  • Easy to follow, step by step guidance allowing you to create new, long-lasting, positive habits
  • Detailed how-to cooking basics, guaranteeing your success even if you have never set foot in a kitchen
  • Compare the cost of your prepped meals with expensive take out & see your savings
  • Check out the nutritional information & understand what you are putting into your body – track your macros if you wish
  • Be properly prepared with your list of essential kitchen gear
  • Never forget another thing at the grocery store, with your shopping list already done for you
  • Get access to quick online support, just in case you ever get stuck

Here’s A Happy Prepper…

Finally!!! Someone is getting the notion of simplicity right insofar as ‘making meal prep easy’. No hard-to-find ingredients, no culinary skills required, just wholesome, healthy meals – perfect for people who live life on the run, but equally for those who just can’t justify spending an insurmountable amount of time in the kitchen just to be healthy and avoid eating their meal from a frozen package. Well done Adam, keep up the fantastic work!

Alex - Adelaide, South Australia

Buy Back Time…


Make a start today, free up some of that time you spend in the kitchen and use it instead for quality time with family, friends, hobbies, relaxing, sleep – whatever you like!



And feel the difference in yourself by eating regular, healthy meals!

Time and health; well they are priceless!

And for less than a couple of cups of coffee…



Fast track your meal prep success now for only $6.95!

Our Guarantee To You


We aim to help people improve their lives through forming good habits, and we are confident that this eBook will easily achieve this for YOU.

So go ahead and grab your copy now, and if for any reason you feel like the investment you made was not worth it, we will happily refund 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase.

Take Control of Time & Prioritize Your Health Now!

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