“Meal Prep The Easy Way” is completed, released & awesome!

Now we turn our attention to new eBooks for 2017,

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With the recent successful release of our first eBook “Meal Prep The Easy Way” completed, we are now brainstorming new eBooks for this year to better serve you guys – our loyal readers.

eBooks are a great entry level way to get our message across – they are cheap for readers to purchase, we can pack a heap of valuable information in them, and they are super handy (read them on computers, tablets, phones, etc.).

Our meal prep eBooks aim to arm you guys with every single piece of information you will require to give you the confidence to meal prep successfully – but we understand there are people at different stages of their meal prep journeys, and different reasons you all meal prep for.


I’ll give you two examples in my household right now:


At the moment I am on a New Year fitness plan, and I’m hoping to put on a little extra muscle and not gain any fat (preferably lose fat, but let’s see…).

Now this requires a certain type of eating, and a pretty strict schedule in terms of times when I am supposed to eat.  So meal prep is PERFECT for this circumstance!

Therefore, under development right now is “Meal Prep For More Muscle” which will be an eBook to help with proper food intake, and is designed to support some form of exercise routine.

A Powerful Guide to Meal Prep Your Way to More Muscle – Provide Your Body The Right Fuel at The Right Times, Without Wasting Hours in the Kitchen or Sacrificing Taste!


Meal Prep eBooks - More Muscle


And the second example is that my girlfriend, who is a doctor, is currently studying to obtain her specialty qualification which is requiring massive dedication and focus.  The exam for this is in 3 weeks!

Two points here where meal prep is ABSOLUTE KEY:

1. Study can be a funny thing. Sometimes you just aren’t feeling it, and sometimes you get on a roll.  When you get on a roll the last thing you want to do is to break that momentum to go and prepare a meal or snacks, or even worse – you just forget about eating.

2. And we all know you need to fuel the body not only for physical exertion, but also for mental work!  If you aren’t eating well and regularly, your study will suffer – concentration, focus and memory – none of these functions will be operating at their best if you don’t fuel the body in the right way.

So, in answer to that, “Meal Prep For Exam Success” is also under development, which will help with example schedules to fit in your meal prep, and great brain-boosting meal prep recipes!

A Quick & Easy Guide for Students to Feel Good While Smashing Those Exams! Maintain Study Focus, Waste Less Time Cooking & Eat Great Meals!


Meal Prep eBooks - Exam Success


So there are two examples that I know are not only useful in our household, but will help many, many other people as well.

I wonder, what are your circumstances and are you meal prepping for any particular goal or purpose at the moment?

Losing weight, busy mothers, cleansing, dieting, etc… ???

Or would you like some guidance to achieve whatever your goals are through meal prepping?

Post in the comments below – I would love to hear from you!


And if you are interested in either of the upcoming eBooks mentioned above, please feel free to register your interest to be kept in the loop about when they will be ready to rock and roll!