This is not Masterchef…

I am no Jamie Oliver…

And you won’t find any Michelin stars here…


But what you will get is simple, step-by-step guidance to meal prep healthy and tasty meals that save you money, ensure you are eating healthily, and even free up spare time you previously did not have – even if you aren’t great in the kitchen!


Hi there, my name is Adam and I created with the aim of encouraging others to meal prep, and also to provide the knowledge, guidance and tools you need to enjoy the many benefits of meal prepping!


I work a typical 9 till 5 job as a mechanical engineer, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, and am passionate about health and fitness, travel, and learning new skills in this changing world.  All of these things require fuel for the body, which is why I love meal prep as a way to make sure I am getting regular, good quality meals in at all times.


I’ve found meal prep helpful when I’ve been…


Working 14 hour days, 6 days a week

Hardly enough time to work and sleep, let alone cook each day

Studying at university

During a time when snacking was a problem, meal prep minimized poor quality snacks

Trying to achieve weight goals

Meals already prepared, in the correct quantities and proportions, helps keep you on track with weight goals


And I love meal prep because…


  • Consistent, healthy meals ready to go at all times
  • Knowing what I am eating (no unknown sugars, preservatives, or unhygienic food handling practices by other people)
  • The convenience of having meals and snacks on hand
  • The cost saving of preparing meals vs. eating out all the time
  • The free time I have because I am not cooking (and washing dishes – urgh!) for every meal


For me, the benefits are obvious and I have been enjoying them for a while now.  So the question I asked myself was…


“Why aren’t more people doing meal prep?”

Don’t know how…?  


Don’t understand the benefits…?  


Don’t have time, or lack the motivation…?


No ideas of what to prepare…?  


Or feel like they don’t have the skills to do some basic cooking and preparing?


And this is where comes into the picture! will aim to solve these problems, turning you into a meal prepping guru!  Here’s how:

Through consistent inspiration and motivation

Not only stating the benefits, but proving them and hopefully in time, you guys providing feedback sharing your successes and experiences

Sharing hacks and tips to make meal prep so simple

Not just writing about meal prep but showing you with videos, bringing you on the journey and demonstrating how a normal, regular person like myself can meal prep

Giving away free tools and information to make each step as easy as possible for you – no excuses!

Providing awesome products and useful recommendations to further develop your meal prep skills, so that eventually it becomes second nature to you

I want to thank you for visiting the site, and taking the time to read through it.  And also, a massive congratulations to you for seeking out new information about this great and valuable topic!

If you want to keep in touch, and receive 3 exclusive, step-by-step meal prep guides to help you eat well and slash time wasted in the kitchen, please leave your details below and you’ll hear from me very soon.

Happy prepping!

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